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we peer review the scientific research, publish and promote the scientific domain.

SCHOLEDGE International Journal of Business Policy & Governance

ISSN 2394-3351
MIAR ICDS Rank: 5.7 (2019)

The journal reviews the works on Business Policy, Economic Policy, Strategic Management, Strategic Planning, Strategy Implementation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Stakeholders Management, Corporate Governance and Public Policy Management & Governance.

SCHOLEDGE International Journal of Management & Development

ISSN 2394-3378
MIAR ICDS Rank: 5.7 (2019)

The journal reviews the works on Management, Economics, Business, Finance, HRM, Marketing, IT in Business, Industrial Relations, International Business and Management Development and Developmental Studies.

SCHOLEDGE International Journal of Multidisciplinary & Allied Studies

ISSN 2394-336X
MIAR ICDS Rank: 3.7 (2019)

The journal reviews works on multidisciplinary domains including liberal arts.

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Peer Reviewed

Assured content quality

Every article is required to undergo mandatory peer review, a review carried our by our empanelled as well as invited reviewers. Anonymity of reviewers & authors is ensured for a quality review.

Plagiarism Checked

Original content

All the submitted articles are checked towards their originality. The plagiarized articles are removed from the review processes. Only original articles undergo a review.

Open Access

Universally & freely available content

Open access is mandated for every accepted & published article following many open access conventions and agreements.