Examining the Effectiveness of Green Supply Chain in the Retail Sector of Zimbabwe

Cynthia Mupfiga


The study examined the effectiveness of green supply chain in the retail sector of Zimbabwe. The following objectives guided the study, to determine the importance of green supply chain, to assess factors that contribute to a successful green supply chain and to ascertain the challenges that lead to poor implementation of the green supply chain. Literature review in this study covered green supply chain issues as it filled the literatures gaps with regards to previous researches as well as empirical evidence. The exploratory research design was deemed effective for this study as it helped in examining the in-depth and experiences pertaining to the green supply chain. The target population comprised of 20 management and 80 employees that were drawn from selected retail organizations in Zimbabwe. The selected target population was deemed a true representation of the entire population. A total of 80 questionnaires were distributed while only 50 were returned, 20 interviews in the form of face to face were conducted with the 20 management. The findings that were generated from this study proved that the green supply chain has been adopted by many organizations for purposes of environmental conversation. Recommendations were made that all retail organizations have to comply with the regulations of environmental management agent (EMA).


Green supply chain, Retail sector, Zimbabwe

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