The Influence of Transformational Leadership on Entrepreneurship

Rono Kiplangat Kenneth


-There is a need to build an enabling environment for entrepreneurs even in challenging contexts.

-Entrepreneurial thinkers should unite so as to work in fragile contexts. Through training sessions like this, entrepreneurs will be empowered on how to build resilience. They will get to understand the challenges and opportunities that come with doing business for better performance.

-Then they will build resilient businesses hence become strong entrepreneurs.

-I would like to thank the Governor, county government of Kakamega for this timely initiative. I am sure entrepreneurs will be better placed to run their businesses even with greater business support. This forum will also lead to networks of strong entrepreneurs who will be discussing their challenges and successes. They will be programmed to associate and network since they are like-minded.

-The training will also contribute to increasing the capacity of the government on specific entrepreneurial initiatives. Initiating such training is a clear indication that the county government is very much concerned about entrepreneurship to the point of getting involved.


leadership, entrepreneurship

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