Dr. Minoy Bozie


Teaching is a purposeful process which influences learning. Teaching and learning are closely related. In the modern age teaching-learning are accepted as one concept. Both teaching and learning in the instructional technology aim towards the same goal i.e. to bring desirable changes in the behaviour of the learner. Teaching learning task can be performed at three different levels, ranging from least thoughtful to most thoughtful behaviour or mode of action. The set of things of operations help in achieving the objectives from „knowledge to evaluation‟ and in creating the conditions of learning from “stimulus-response to problem solving.” Models of teaching have been developed to help a teacher to improve his capacity to teach and create a richer and more diverse environment for them. The biological science inquiry model which belongs to the information processing family of models is designed to teach the process of research in biology to affect the ways that student process information and to nurture open mindedness and an ability to suspend judgement and balance alternatives. The investigator feel that student taught with traditional method and Biological Science Inquiry Model based teaching method, have differences in their achievement level. Therefore to assess the achievement level of students the investigator has taken up this problem.

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