Natiq Qurbanov Guseyn, Nurkhodzha Akbulaev Nazirhodja, Turan Ahmedov


Currently the bank sector plays an important role in the provision of innovative developments of the country economy. The solution of the task demands its competitiveness and innovative orientation of all financial-credit organizations in it’s consistency. In connection with this first of all a great responsibility and importance lies on governments with banks. Mainly they’ll play a fundamental role in the provision of  high level investment activity in the economy in making financial support of a market infrastructure. Revolutionary changes in financial-credit sphere taking place in Azerbaijan Republic for the last decade caused high level dynamism of financial markets, specially of bank products market. During the short-term period of its development there was observed distribution of markets share among its participants, appearance of great amount of new participants, regular changes in the sphere of regulation market interrelationship by the government that served regular difference in additional inducements for fulfillment and change of existing spector of bank products. These processes integrally bring us to the bank activity sphere,having the “innovative” denomination.

The aim of the research is the handling and foundation of methodological position on analysis, formation of innovative bank technology, providing the enhancement of the bank business efficiency.

The subject of the research is the bank realizing innovative technology of bank service to natural persons at the modern stage development of home market economy.

The object of the research is organisational-economic aspects of innovative activity of banks and utilisation of innovative bank technology.

The theoretical and methodological basis of the research is the fundamental labours and scientific research results of national and foreign scientists in the sphere of theory and practice of innovative activity and banking, also local normative legal acts of commercial banks on investigated problem, publications in periodical and branch issues, materials of scientific-practical conferences and seminars.


innovation, banks, financing, management, economy

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