Personal Marketing Framework based on QR Code

Sanjay Kumar Pal, Khushbu Kumari Jha


This paper will focus on the technique to build a responsive personal marketing framework for professional job seekers using Quick Response Code (QR Code). In today’s demanding job market, every career-minded individual has to first promote their value and benefits to a prospective employer through tools like resume, portfolios etc. The cut-throat competition among job applicants to get a particular job has increased the thought of creating more formal, precise yet informative and interactive tools to attain the opportunity in the first place itself. A unique QR image will be generated each time consisting of URL, Contact information, details about research paper or projects, link to the LinkedIn profile, etc. which can be easily scanned using a QR Code reader with an embedded camera. Thus presenting the candidate to be more tech proficient in front of an employer and showcasing that extra information without being lengthy and informal. The objective of this paper will always aim for the study of the application of QR Code in personal marketing methods and to analyse its benefits. The paper also proposes a methodology for the development of a unique system which will help a job seeker to make a compelling digital presence.


Quick Response Code (QR Code), Barcode, Personal Marketing, Responsive, Recruitment, QR Code Reader, QR Code Analytics, Smartphone

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