Challenges for Teachers in the Era of E-learning in India

Garima Singh


Technology driven world has touched almost all the fields and all the aspects of life. There has been a technological transformation in the field of education as well. E-learning has become a crucial aspect of the educational system. It is gaining momentum day by day. In such a technology-driven scenario, it has become a challenge for the teachers to accommodate e-learning in their teaching-learning processes. To keep up with the demands of information explosion, information and communication technology has become crucial issue of academia. It is high time to equip teachers with advanced ICT and train them to avail maximum benefit from it. ICT is integral part of our day to day life but it is still in process to get a better place in schools as a generation of teachers is not well acquainted with it but they are willing to adapt it.
The paper aims to describe the role of a teacher and significance of e-learning in the present context. It emphasizes on the challenges faced by teachers in India to implement e-learning and makes an attempt to suggest varied solutions to the awareness, implementation and comfortability with regard to the e-learning solutions by the teachers in their teaching-learning processes.


E-learning, Information and Communication Technology, education

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