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1 Tariq Mahmood[i]

2 Dr. Abdul Quddus Suhaib

3 Dr. Abdul Razzaq

1 Ph.D Research Scholar, Department of Islamic Studies, B.Z.U. Multan, PAKISTAN.

2 Professor, Deptt. Of Islamic Studies ,B.Z.U. Multan, PAKISTAN.

3 Assistant Professor , Deptt.of Islamic Studies, Comsats Campus Vehari, PAKISTAN.


In the recent world of globalization, media is considered an important sector for any country. This article is describes about the printed media of Pakistan regarding Terrorism. In the present era, media is used as a weapon to deceive others. But in Pakistan, this sector is used by others against Pakistan. In this article, history of terrorism is highlighted. And role of authorities is explained after the Terrorism incidents. In this article, the reasons behind the increasing of terrorism are also explained briefly by discussing the non cooperative behavior of provinces with Central Govt.

In the end of this article, An Islamic point of view regarding terrorism is also presented.

KEY WORDS: Terrorism, Media, Authorities, Incidents, solution.



No doubt, terrorism is a crime. It is committed by individuals or by groups or by Governments. Terrorism remains in every period of human history. And it is tackled also. And with the help of people, societies were secured. On 11 the September 2001, the attack on World Trade Center of New York and Pentagon of Washington were severely incidents of terrorism. But terrorism did not start from these incidents and Nuclear difference occurred in the nature of terrorism form this incident. Anyhow America called this incident as War. And to tackle politically or with economically measures, he used force, and with this force, he spreaded destruction in the whole world (1).

Before 1500 years ago, concept of was used at that time when few Zealots killed few Roman soldiers and destroyed also their property. But the term terrorism was first used in 1793 A.D. with reference to the revolution of France. . At the time of Russian Revolution, all cruel actions were called terrorism of state. After the end of 2nd world war, in the mid of twentieth century, when people of Ireland, Great Britain and France started movements for their rights of freedom. Then it was called individual terrorism and the terrorism of groups also. In the sixteenth decade, when people of Palestine called their rights by fighting then it became the

international terrorism. It is proved from this, that international injustices created international terrorism…. Anyhow, to avoided form terrorism and militancy, we shall have to adopt multidimensional policy.(2)

About American famous scholar Bertraind Russiall gave his remarks in the following words.”Thu History of United State is the history of organized terrorism.” (3)

If we analyze seriously then the reasons of terrorism can be understand able. So the following incident shows the economical reason also. But this does not mean that in the incidents of terrorism, the reason will be economical only. This incident occurred in March 2013, it is stated that in Murree near Federal capital, one seventeen yearly young body did suicide attack on school bus. In this attack, many school children were died. When the body of this attacker examined then a small paper brought from his pocket , on this paper the following message was written to his younger sister,” You demand daily for ice cream from me but I had no money so I could not take ice cream for you. Today, now I am sending two thousand rupees for your ice cream but brother will not be able to meet you again.”(4)

From crime reporter, it is stated that Lt. Commander of Navy Azim Haider was targeted with other twelve persons in his motor van by motor cycle riders near Karachi Port ,.Azim Haider was included in the investigation team of Mehran Base Attack. While in other incident, yesterday, on 27th February 2013 from Taliban Commander Hand garnade and other amonition was caught (5).

The third incident is quitely different from the above mentioned. In this incident the personal enmity was real reason but the non-Muslims houses were crushed on blame of blasphemy Sawan Maseeh in Lahore, many hundred people and many houses were blown on the blasphemy and humiliation done by Sawan Maseehin Jozef colony of Badami Bagh Lahore. In this 170 houses and shops have been destroyed. Moreover many people were injured including SSP. And many Rickshaws and motor cycles were also arrested who were indulged in these incidents on the accordance of this incident the Ambassador community especially of western Ambassador Community especially of western Ambassador of Christen countries disturbed. After that the Accused person Sawan MaseehTold that he had drunk wine so I did not know what i had said? It is told that who blamed of wrong words by Sawan Maseeh about Holy Prophet, his name was Shahid Imran and he was doing the work as barbar. He was also friend of Sawan Maseeh. Police is also investigating thatthis incident was occurred due I personality clash or on wrong information or just propaganda to spread the extremism activity.(6)

In the above incident, many hundreds people were affected from which mostly were Christians and some were poor Muslims also. These types of incidents should be controlled with an iron hand otherwise this type of incidents will be occurred continuously .On 9th March 2013, in the mosque of Peshawar, in bomb explosion, a pesh imam with other five persons was killed in prayer position While twenty other people were injured badly in the praying position. The bomb was kept in the Mehrab of mosque at the Zuhr Prayer. This mosque was situated in highly populated area of Meena Banzar in Mohalla Baqir Shah of Peshaware.(7)

In another incident, in Kurm Agency of Province of Khaber Pakhton Khaw ,a Pakistani check post was attacked by Afghan Extremists .In this attack three Pakistani soldiers were injured while five Afghani inhabitants were killed and six were injured badly .(8)

In Lahore , the capital of Punjab province, An American spy Raimond Davis Killed two Pakistani intelligence officers named Faizan and Faheem on 27th January 2011, in Qurtabachowk. Chowk. After that incident, on the pressure of American foreign office, Raimond Davis was released in few days from prison. And dealing was done by Pakistani agencies for releasement of Raymond Davis with the relatives of Faizan and Faheem.

In the incident of killing of Pakistani intelligence officers, Govt of Pakistan did not give sentence to Raymond in his boundaries. But the Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi had to resign on this issue. During this case, the federal Govt, told that it is matter of provincial Govt. because this incident was occured in the boundaries of Punjab province. While Punjab Govt. told that it is matter of federal Govt. because the Raymond is foreigner so concerned foreign office should solve this matter .After that Pakistani intelligence Agencies played active role to release Raimond Davis on Paying Diyyat money to the family of Faizan. Then the Pakistani courts and Judges also gave their decisions to release Raymond Davis within few days .On the day of decision, An aeroplane was ready to take Raimond Davis before the decision of court. And Pakistani intelligence Official was informing to American agent and Ambassador about the working of court continuously. After the decision of releasement by the court, Raimond was taken into the Afghanistan rather than turning back to America. (9)

An other article shows the situation of terrorism in khaberPakhtoonKhaw (k.p.k) in the following lines;” Tariq Afridi head of T.T.P’S(Tehrik Taliban Pakistan) Darra Adam Khail Chapter wes the second person who revitalized the violent sectarian agenda of Lashkari Jahangvi and launched deadly terrorists attacks in FATA and kharber Pakhtoon Khwa. The release of Malik Ishaaq, founding member of the group who was facing trial in the killing of more than hundred shia scholars and community leaders further emboldened the grougp…In Balouchistan Chapter led by Usman Kurd which targeted therHazara Shia Community in Quetta had little interaction with groups in Punjab and Khaber Pakhtoon Khaw.(10)

Authorities in Pakistan to handle terrorism

In Newspaper, Rana Sanaullah, Law minister of Punjab told that Punjab Govt. always took effective steps against terrorism and terrorist organizations, while Federal Govt.of peoples Party issued Arms License to the leaders of Banned Religious Tanzeems and movements Sindh and Balouchistna provinces.(11)

In next month, minister of Law also gave another message to media in these words : “The relation of P.P.P with other sectarian organizations is on the record. P.P.P did not support only of this sect but he appointed few persons of this sect on some key positions. He declared that Punjab Govt. always took strict actions against terrorist’s organizations. Prohibited armed licenses were issued to the leaders of Banned tandems by federal Govt., provincial Govt. of Sind and provincial Govt. of Balouchistan.(12)

In this regard, chief justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Choudhry’s statement can be quoted, He told that judiciary, court and bureaucracy should work together against terrorism and sectarianism. Pakistan is now in the very crucial period regarding peace. All the departments and organizations should play their role to secure democracy. To defend the legislation, courts are responsible. (13)

In another occasion Chief Justice told that Anti Terrorism Act could not be effectively implemented. It is necessary to secure the judges, investigation officers and witnesses. He told that no punishment can be charged without solid witnesses. In Anti Terrorism Court, the non availability of judges in this special court is also serious problem Govt. should fulfill his responsibility. (14) In this regard, Chief Justice Lahore High Court Umar Atta Bundial gave his remarks on the hearing or petitioned by Hafiz Saeedameer Jamat-ud-Daawah that in American Drone Attack not only specially targeted people are killed but rescue teams are also targeted. This is open violation of Human Rights. It is governmental Policy to control terrorism and to coordinate with other countries so that courts cannot indulge in Govt. policy. (15)

Chief Justice Peshawar High Court Dost Muhammad Khan told that still blasts of Peshawar and Quetta are sorrowful. And these incidents of terrorism shows non governance regarding security. And due to these incidents economic conditions are also bad, still defense and non productive expenditures are not being decreased. And many places are now: “No Go Areas” for journalists also that is against Human Rights (16).

Nawaz Sharif, Head of Muslim League (N) told to Dr. Ali haider’s father that if Federal Govt. would take action on the incident of Quetta the incident of Kirani road Lahore did not occur. He also told who criticize on Punjab Govt. they should tell that Karachi, Balouchistan and Tribal Areas are under which Govt.? (17)

Shahbaz Sharif Chief Minister of Punjab told that in Punjab, the situation of peace and stability is better than other provinces of Pakistan. While talking about taking action against LashkareJahngavi. He told that Rehman Malik should tell us that on the situation of Quetta and Karachi, Rehman Malik took any action? (18)

In this regard, talking to Media, Home Minister Rehman Malik told that if Punjab Govt.would not take any action against Lashkare Jhangvi then Federal Govt. will take action against them. He told many safe places of this Tanzeem are present in Punjab province. If Punjab Govt does take action against them.I will take action against them with the help of F.I.A. and Taliban are not serious in dialogues.(19)

Now this shows easily that Federal Govt. and provincial Govt. of Punjab are not taking action togetherly against Terrorism that is the main reason for not solving the problem of terrorism. In Nawa-e-Waqat Daily newspaper, famous writer Matloob Warriach wrote that in the country, who will decide that who is terrorist? Terrorists of Federal Home Minister are different while the terrorists of Punjab Govt. are different. In Karachi, in the eyes of P.P.P terrorists are different while in the eyes of M.Q.M. These terrorists are quite different from these terrorists so first, we should sit together to decide that who is terrorist? And the definition of terrorist should be clear. After this, the persons who support these terrorists, they should be arrested. And a strict Action should be taken against those persons who provide shelter or any type of help to these terrorists. (20)

It is stated in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt Lahore,that in National assembly, The Anti terrorism amendment Bill of 2013 is presented on yesterday.In this bill, it is claimed that member of Banned Tanzeem will not eligible to get Passport and A.T.M. Card. Moreover, his arresting will not be challenged in any court of Pakistan.(21)

From the report of home Dept. of Punjab,a letter is issued to all R.P.Os,C.P.Os,in which it is stated that al-qaida & Taliban are plotting to do some activities of terrorism in Punjab.

So, in the Province, high alert security should be maintained. (22)

Chief justice of Lahore high Court, Umar Ata bundial told that 176 children were killed in Drone attacks. Were all these children terrorist .Our country is developing but this is peaceful country. With resolutions drone attacks can be stopped. This is not the matter of water, gas and electricity, but this is the matter of human lives and the security of basic human rights. (23)

Anti Terrorism act with Amendment is approved in Senate. This Amendment bill of 2013 was approved unanimously, while 24th Bill of Amendment about the establishment of new provinces was postponed.( 24 )


Home Minister Federal, Rehman malik told that if Punjab authorities stop the coordination to terrorists then sindh Province can become peaceful. He also told that head quarter of Lashkar-e-jahangvi is situated in Punjab Province .(25)

President zardari told that we will give permission to extremists to implement their agenda . Because Islam do not allow any one to give loss, before some time in Pakistan,

No one was ready for suicide .But today, Pakistan and Afghanistan have to face acts of terrorism. The basic reason is that the way to tackle terrorism of International world is not appropriate. International world is trying to face with terrorism ,By this way ,consequences are being neglected. President Zardari also told that we can not give permission to terrorists for doing special explanations regarding Islamic teachings.(26)

According to the report of A.P.P. Federal Minister and president of Pakistan Peoples Party Punjab told that Punjab Govt. is providing shelter to terrorists. And Mr. Shahbaz Sharif has failed to maintain peace and stability in the province. Terrorists are doing their activities in Quetta who live in Punjab Province. So, it is decided to call Military to control the law and order situation of Quetta. (27)


In India, Hindu Extremists attacked on many Muslims and many houses were kept into fired. In Rajhistan of Indian state ,Distt. Joodh pur the Hindus procession of “Han Maan Janeeti , many Hindu extremists burnt many Muslims houses . So, Curfew was implemented to control law and order situation of Joodh pur distt. of Rajhistan Province. (28)

In such country, what will be condition of peace and people, where Provincial and Federal authorities will blaming and cursing to one another. In Pakistan, daily blasts or drone attacks are occurred but no suitable action is taken other than condemning. Due to these blasts and explosions, peace of country has destroyed. And due to destruction of peace, economical conditions of country have also affected badly. So the unemployment has been increasing day by day, from which some persons have to do illegal activities to survive their family. So this the main reason of increasing crimes. This situation affects all the spheres of life but still the ruling authorities are far behind to take such steps that could solve these issues in short term period. But it is hoped that with good governance and the cooperation of international organizations, solid steps will be taken to solve the problem of terrorism. In this regard, nation will have to remove the regional and sectarian issues seriously otherwise our near future will not be bright.


(Solution Regard Media and Islam)

Now terrorism has been reached in Middle East and African countries from the mountains of Afghanistan. Terrorists has made their base camps in the Province of Mali that province is bigger than the country of France. Terrorists want to hit Western countries from these camps. The Govt. of Mali is crying to avoid from these terrorists. And France is doing bombing on these base camps of terrorists in reaction of Govt. of Mali. Mali is much distant from America, France, Germany and Britain. But America and other collision partners think that if they did not stop the terrorists of Mali, then these terrorists can attack on Western countries. In African countries western people have been kidnapping for the sum of huge money in demand.(29)

Saudi Arabia is also playing its role to eliminate terrorism in the neighbour countries especially Muslim countries.

“Saudi Foreign Minister for Multidimensional relation Turkey bin Muhammad Bin Saud told that to control terrorism mutual cooperation is mandatory. Present situation also demands that to face the terrorism at local, regional and international levels, the all possible resources should be used. For this purpose, Prince Turkey said that in the city of Riyadh, while addressing in international conference on “international conferences on Anti-terrorism. Prince Turkey said that terrorism is danger for all without discrimination. It is necessary to secure the society that we should create the capability to face the thinking of Extremism in this Conference 28 international Organizations, 49 nominees of different countries of the world and the secretary general of United Nations organization especially participated. (30)

Due to this terrorism not only one sector is affected but all other sectors had been also affected by terrorism. Therefore, it is necessary to solve this issue without discrimination…increasing Terrorism has made unsecured mosques, shrines and Imam Bargas in the country. In worship places, people do not think themselves secured form Bomb blasts. Islam is the Religion of peace and blessings. It tells to behave in pity but some cruel people develop sectarianism in the dress of Religion and make it the war between Islam and non-believers of Islam ………… Solution of this problem is that illegal foreign residents should be arrested by taking strict action. And people who are indulged in terrorism activities, they should be sent out of the country by imposing sentence to them also. In our country, nowadays, Azback, Tajik, and Afghan inhabitants can be easily identified. There should be taken strict action against those who provide shelter to these foreigners so that no anyone may indulge in such illegal activities. (31)

To remove terrorism for any country, in the beginning, concerned state has to affirm strong will for this. After the nine eleven incident, United States of America has done the same will. You can say discussion for discussion that American state has a lot of resources. Its comparison with the weak and poor state like Pakistan is not suitable. Then, we ignore America but what do you think about Sri Lanka. Its condition was weak like us and on tammal rights, longest war was fought and large number of suicide attacks had been made by this movement also. But after Bandranaikey, selected Govt. decided to eliminate tammal terrorists. Whole world cried on destroying Human Rights but Sir-Lankan Govt. remained busy against terrorism without listening any echoes of human rights. And now, there is no name of Tammal terrorists in Sri Lanka. (32)

So, Pakistani Govt. will have to take action like Sri Lankan Govt. Terrorists are not doing their activities under the any spirit to promote Islam. But they are increasing terrorism against Islam in the country. Remedy of root causes of terrorism is necessary to control it in the country. Without the remedy of root causes of terrorism, we cannot control the nursaries of terrorism. (33)

To remove the terrorism of country, Media of concerned country should also play their role to solve the problem of terrorism. It is non rejectable reality that media is used as a modern weapon for war. And it is our bad luck that now the enemies of Islam and Pakistan are using this weapon to confuse the nation, to finish the mutual harmony, to spread the disinformation, to elimination the difference of right and wrong….. According to the report of Washington Post and Nawa-i-Waqt newspaper American has formed first unit of its nature in the whole world which will stop the tendencies of terrorism. America selects Pakistan for this, because according to America there is vast network of extremists in Pakistan…..This unit had started its work practically. In this unit there are three persons. This unit breaks or eliminates the extremist’s messages and makes propaganda with help of local partnership in which journalist and moderate religious scholars are also included. For this purpose, T.V. shows, documentaries, Radio programmers and Posters are used ……American Authorities projected 5 million Dollars for this unit in primary stage. And they refused to tell the particulars of those programs which will run with these funding. Because they have fear that in this way, their partner’s work may be affected with the proof of American interference. (34)

As concerned the teachings of Holy Quran and the Sayings of Holy Prophet P.B.U.H. about the peace and status of mankind. The terrorists are doing their activities due to misconception and wrong explanation of Jehad. In Holy Quran, Allah says “Whosever save the life of one man that saves the all mankind.’’(35)

Holy Prophet told also in same wording that is mentioned in Sahih Bukhari. (36)

Holy Prophet told about definition of a Muslim in these words. “A Muslim is that from whom others remained safe and sound from his tongue and from his hand.” (37)

Both the above quotations clearly describes about the status of man regarding peace and safety. But now-a-days terrorists are not only destroying the peace of the society but they are also killing the innocent people in the disguise of Islam and Jehad. Due to the activities of terrorists, true Picture of Islam had been hidden behind their personal wants and personal wills. Some terrorists have become puppy in the hands of others. Some terrorists are doing activities to declare Pakistan as a terrorist’s state so that strict action should be taken by the united nation or Nato forces like Afghanistan. Anyhow, in the activities of terrorism, foreign element also cannot be neglected. From the above discussion, it is concluded that behind the terrorism incident of Pakistan there are so many reasons, and these are economic, social, political and territorial reasons also. Besides these, the illiteracy, sectarianism, and wrong interpretation of religion concepts are also reasons of increasing incidents of terrorism. So all these should be controlled in best way i.e. in a result oriented way, (Technique), otherwise name of country will be removed from the map of the world.


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