Bhoomi Ms.
Dr. Jai Bakshi


The relationship between human resources
management and corporate social
responsibility is also subjected to extensive
debates, discussions and investigations. The
role of HRM in corporate social responsibility is
primarily examined in this paper. Karnataka
state is a leader in industrial and business
sectors of national economy. Karnataka has the
potential to move to be within the top three
ranks on an all India basis on these human
development indicators by 2025. Practically, it
is not possible to bring the personnel under a
common umbrella, make them work together
and put forth united efforts for the development
of the organization in the absence of systematic
development of HRM system. Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR) is both a high profile
notion which the business world perceives as
strategic and a prominent concept in academia.
CSR can involve a range of activities such as
working in partnership with local communities,
socially sensitive investment, developing
relationships with employees, customers and
their families, and involving in activities for
environmental conservation and sustainability.
Human resource management can play a
significant role so that CSR can become the new
way of life and facilitate the development of
society. The past studies did not indicate the
factors contributing to the HRM efficiency from
corporate social responsibility point of view
with special reference to corporate houses in
Karnataka state. The investigation reveals that
it is imperative to formulate specific policies on
CSR and HRM in the new millennium since
modern corporate houses are required to live
up to the expectations of the people who matter
most in the civil society.

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