Dr. Alex Matthew


There is a growing consensus of opinion within the Construction Industry and among general
public that conduct of professional unethical practices are commonly found in Construction
Industry. But so far no study has been undertaken to investigate this perception. The present
author/ researcher have taken up the ‘Study on Role of Professional Ethics in Quality
Management in Construction’ along with the ‘Study of present level of Professional Ethics in
Construction Industry’ in perspective to fulfill this need. The study is to evaluate the perceptions
of the Construction Players on Professional Ethical issues in the Construction industry. In this
research the Questionnaire research methodology has been employed to get the perceptions of
construction professionals on conduct of Professional Ethics. The research findings indicate that
various forms of professional un-ethical conduct have significant effect on the quality of
construction. The research findings also suggest the means of improvement of quality by
inculcation of professional ethics in Construction Industry.

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