Impact of Employee Involvement in Trade Unions on Employee Well Being in Federal University Kashere Gombe State, Nigeria

Mohammed Usman


Effective trade unions in Nigeria play crucial roles in protecting the interest of their members.  Without employee unions in Nigerian organization’s workers would be turned to slaves. Therefore, there is a need for employees to form unions for their welfare and well being. The paper aimed at examining the impact of employee involvement in trade unions on employee well being in Federal University Kashere of Gombe State Nigeria. Data were collected through interview and observation. The respondents of the study were the employees of Federal University Kashere who are members and some executives of ASUU, NASUU, SSANU and NAAT. Literature was reviewed through journal articles, bulletins, internet and prior knowledge on text books. The study found that the four trade unions in Federal University Kashere played significant roles in protecting the interest of their members which leads to the well being of the employees. The study recommended that the trade unions should seek for full certification from the national body to progress from an observer’s status in order to function fully. By pioneering research on staff unions in Federal University Kashere and adding on existing literature on trade unions, the paper contributes to knowledge.


Structure, Re-structure, Trade union, Association, ASUU, NASUU, SSANU, NAAT

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