Socio-Economic Conditions of Gujjars in South Kashmir Their Challenges and Strategies

Aasif Ali Naikoo, Shashank Shekhar Thakur, Tariq Ahmad Guroo


Kashmir Valley is known as place where people are embraced with multicultural and multilingual atmosphere. Gujjars are the tribal group mostly residing on hilly and mountainous regions of Valley with different traditions, rituals and language. They are economically poor, socially backward, but culturally stable. Their economic profile is poor than the general population of region. They are suffering from so many issues in their day today life. Their housing, sanitation, Education, electricity, health care facilities are very low sub-standard than different sections of population, Also Government has not provided them the basic assets to eradicate the tribal poverty. The literacy rate among Gujjars of south Kashmir is also very low. This paper is based on both primary and secondary data and tries to analyze the magnitude of socio-economic conditions of different parameters and also this paper contains some suggestions, which needs to be implement on the ground level in order to eradicate their socio economic problems.


Gujjars, Poverty, Backward, Illiteracy and Economy

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