The Influence of Inter-Stakeholders’ Communication on University – Industry Collaboration

Dorian Aliu
Ayten Akatay
Armando Aliu

DOI: 10.19085/journal.sijbpg040801


Purpose: The aim of this study is to examine the influence of inter-stakeholders’ communication on universities which mutually collaborate with both internal and external stakeholders in frame of university – industry collaboration (UIC) and coordinate their internal structure in this direction.

Design/methodology/approach: In this study, literature review and theoretical approach were applied to find out the interrelationships of four basic theories (i.e. Communicative Actions Theory, Media Richness Theory, Actor-Networks Theory, and Stakeholder Theory) that are located amongst inter-stakeholders communication and UIC.

Findings: There is a strong nexus between stakeholder theory and other mentioned three theories. Stakeholder theory has a magnet role in combining UIC and inter-stakeholders’ communication. Communicative actions theory, media richness theory and actor-networks theory have supportive and transformative effects on stakeholder theory to uphold the relationships at multivariate levels, actors and institutions.

Research limitations/implications: The research was limited to the communication dimension of stakeholders and UIC. There are many other dimensions; such as, reciprocal trust, commitment, continuity and understanding. Investigators are encouraged to improve a reliable and valid scale and test these factors in an empirical way.

Practical implications: The paper includes implications for the development of the position of managers in communicative activities in which universities build interactions with their stakeholders and create an open system that is a strategic point.

Originality/value: The original contribution of this study is to attach considerable attention to university interfaces (e.g. UIC Centre, Technocity / Technopark, Technology Transfer Office, Incubation Centre) and the managers working in these institutions have very crucial functions to establish cooperation amongst university and industry, and contain multidimensional and multidisciplinary aspects of collaboration and communication.


Inter-Stakeholders’ Communication, UIC Interfaces, Communicative Actions Theory, Media Richness Theory, Actor-Networks Theory, Stakeholder Theory

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