Aarti M. Karande
D. R. Kalbande

DOI: 10.19085/journal.sijbpg040501


Aim/Purpose: This paper being a review paper shows mapping of enterprise architecture with respect to supply chain domain as per agile parameter so to find the best architecture for the development of the enterprise solution used in SCM company. Background /Methodology: Without EA, companies muddle through. In an agile environment selection of enterprise architecture is difficult even considering different parameters with SCM phases. This is a question and answer based research survey done for finding the mapping of SCM with different EAs were evaluated with 20yrs of experienced five experts. Originality/Value: This paper shows different EA mapped to SCM domain. Tabular format mapping of agile parameter with EA helps to find best EA for developing enterprise solutions even in agile environment. Findings: Comparison of 11 EA with a set of agile parameters shows that TOGAF is the most suitable EA for the development of the enterprise software solution. Systematic and structural working of TOGAF, handles the development in agile situation. Practical implications: Set of agile parameter from different phases of SCM may help practitioners to understand agile environment gives technical and logical gap which needs to consider in developing the software solution. Social implications: Mapping agile parameters at different strategies can help system to withstand in the changing environment with its impact on different operational levels of SCM. Research limitations/implications: Finding the type of agility and amount of agility in the SCM system can be an enhancement of this paper. Even more effective agile parameters affecting agility are the future of SCM.


SCM phases, SCM strategies, agile supply chain, agile environment, agile parameters

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