Negotiation and Negotiating Behaviours: The Role of Personality Variables

Rasaq Kayode AWOSOLA, Austin Thomas Aghemelo


This paper examined the concept of negotiation and types of negotiation, namely distributive and integrative. It pondered on why people fail to keep to negotiation rules. Thomas Hobbes state of nature and Machiavelli’s concept of the human relationship used to explain this phenomenon. Furthermore, the article argues that this disposition is a consequence of people’s perception of negotiation as a game where one party’s gain is the other party’s loss. The significance of game theory in the negotiation is therefore emphasised. Personality factors were considered important in the negotiation process. The impact of the big-five personality on the negotiation situation was highlighted. Unethical practices could make the negotiation process difficult, thereby affecting the quality of decision reached during negotiation. The study concludes by suggesting some ways of succeeding in negotiation.


Bargaining; Distributive tactic; Integrative tactic; Negotiation; Personality factors; Game theory; Human relationship; State of nature; Unethical practices

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