Research Activities, Opportunities & Possibilities in Environmental Informatics: International Scenario & Indian Potentialities

P. K. Paul, P. S. Aithal, A. Bhuimali, K.S. Tiwary, Ricardo Saavedra


Environment is an important concern and also treated as a knowledge field viz. Environment Science, Environment Studies, Environment Engineering, Environment Management, etc. Environmental Informatics is the combination of Environment which includes allied branches and subjects from the environment side and Informatics which includes all allied branches and subjects from the informatics and IT side. All the environment-related subjects can get the benefit of Environmental Informatics for their different sorts by different means. Environmental Statistical applications also need Computational tools and so Environmental Informatics will be the right solution for such concern. Environmental Informatics uses different tools, techniques, and sub-technologies of Information Technology and few also from the Computer Science or allied branches. Due to its wider benefits and different applications, many educational institutes are offering the field with Bachelors, Masters and Research Degrees in the concerned field as well as in allied fields. As far as research is concerned the research in different forms are conducted by academicians, researchers and scientist. This paper provides comprehensive details on Environmental Informatics research opportunities and potentialities in Indian and international context.


Environmental Informatics, Ecological Informatics, Geo Informatics, Emerging Technologies, Educational Programs, Research Degrees

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