Nine Indicators to Assess the Financial Issues of Local Government Administrations in Haiti

Christophe Providence


The measurement of the financial issues of local public administrations has never been addressed in the scientific literature on Haiti, either from the point of view of accountability or the evaluation of local public actions. However, the provision of local public goods and services depends on the financial situation of these local public administrations. In this paper, the financial measurement model will be based on nine indicators, three for financial sustainability, three for financial flexibility and three for financial vulnerability. The results demonstrated not only the difficulties faced by municipalities in the West Department in financing their supply of local goods and services to taxpayers, but also the profound disparities in the evolution of their financial health over the period 2015–2018.


Local finance, local development, public administration, accountability, financial situation, community participation, local budgets, local authority, public service provision, provision of public good, proximity

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