Factors Impeding Food Security in Akutupa-Kiri, Nigeria

OLORUNFEMI Samuel Oluwaseyi


There has been refurbished interest in food security related issues in many developing countries of the world. In fact, the concern about the eradication of poverty and hunger form a major objective of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Yet poverty and hunger still persist due to food shortage and insecurity as a result of increased global food demand, diminishing global food reserves, erratic climatic condition, and increased cost of transportation among others. Before now, various agricultural policies measures have been formulated to curb food security challenges in Nigeria. Unfortunately, these policies have not produced the desired results of the increase in food production. This study examined the factors impeding food security in Akutupa-Kiri, Nigeria. A structured and self-administered questionnaire using systematic sampling technique was used to collect data from a total of 194 (one hundred and ninety-four) household heads farmers representing 2% of the entire population in the study area. The data were presented using descriptive statistics in the form of frequency and percentages. Weighted means were used to determine the predominant factors impeding food security in the study area. Findings revealed that poverty (M.W=5.00), poor road transportation (M.W=5.00), inadequate social amenities (M.W=5.00) and lack of government support and assistance (M.W=5.00) were the most significant factors impeding food security in Akutupa-Kiri. The study recommends that there is a need for improvement in sustainable food security in the study area and Nigeria at large through the provision of adequate road transportation. Effort should be made by the government to render substantial support to the peasant farmers and as well ensure that agricultural policies formulation target these peasants farmers and their rural environments for the purpose of sustainable food security in the nation.


Food security, farmers; food distribution; Akutupa-Kiri

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