Relations and Emotions beyond the Boundaries in the Post Crisis Era – An Analysis of the Impact of Selected Variables on the Indian Stock Market

Pooja Yadav
Nitin Huria

DOI: 10.19085/journal.sijmd040801


From a decade or so Indian continent has become the centre of attraction in the global economies. This changed outlook is due to the fact that India embraces vast availability of resources and opportunities which makes it the most vibrant global economy in the current scenario of worldwide sluggishness. On this path of growth and prosperity India is showing stiff commitments and competitive edges with developed as well as emerging countries. To be more specific, during this voyage in the Asia pacific region recently on one side India has seen stronger bonding with some of its old mates like Japan but on the other part it has faced strain like situation from its stronger competitor contender china on the same time. Hence, in this context the main aim of this paper is to examine the long run and short run equilibrium impacts of Japan and Chinese stock index as well as macroeconomic variables impact on Indian stock market. This paper finds the presence of both long and short run equilibrium impacts from China and Japan to India. In case of Japanese financial market (Nikki 225) has a trivial negative but significant long run impact whereas, the Chinese stock index (SSE composite) is operating at the short run with the same mild negative but significant impact on the Indian stock market. The results of the impact of macroeconomic variables find the existence of long run as well as short run equilibrium from some of the selected variables on Indian stock market.


Continent, Outlook, Embrace, Sluggishness, Stiff, Voyage

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