Health & Nutrition in Primary Schools of Hajin Town of District Bandipora in J & K (A Study)

Tariq Ahmad Guroo

DOI: 10.19085/journal.sijmd040701


The present research paper is concerned with the health & nutrition in primary school, and throws light on some aspect related with the primary school going students and their health and nutrition’s. The main purpose of this working is to describe the major issues of Health & Nutrition in primary schools and to identify some important challenges for Health & Nutrition in primary institutions in Hajin town of district Bandipora of J & K. The findings of this study show that Health & Nutrition in primary schools of Hajin town continue to remain overwhelmed by ample problems, which affect their performance in the efficient discharge of their growth and qualities which is inimical to their academic achievements. The increased problem of ailments/infections among school children due to poor personal hygiene practices and malnutrition conditions remains a concern on the public health agenda in Kashmir. Health is a key factor in school entry. School is the place where health education regarding important aspects of hygiene, environment and nutrition, as well as social customs, is being instructed. The teacher is the guardian as well as Spiritual parent of the child in school and plays a crucial role in the whole process of primordial prevention.  Poor knowledge and practice of and attitudes towards personal hygiene and nutrition plays a major roles in the high occurrence of stagnation on development and growth, therefore has negative consequences for a child’s long term overall development School Achievements as well.


Health, Nutrition, primary schools, Hajin town & academic achievements

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