Design & Framework of Real Time Twitter Analysis Using Apache Flume and Spark for Trending Technology

Amit Pimpalkar, Arti Zade, Devashree Jaronde, Gouravi Bajpai, Kimaya Bahe


The Twitter investigation is a dynamic field. It is an approach to recognize the demeanor, perspective, or feelings of the individual towards an item, administration, film, and so forth by examining the assessments and surveys shared through online systems administration media, writes, etc. Diverse electronic long range interpersonal communication stages like twitter grant people to confer their points of view to other people. Twitter becomes the most famous online life stage that permits clients to share data by method for the short messages called tweets consistently. A huge number of individuals cooperate with one another simultaneously and an enormous measure of information is delivered in a moment or two. This examination will try to develop a logical framework with the limit of in-memory getting ready to separate and separate composed and unstructured Twitter data. We have coordinated a relevant examination on tweets about the slanting advances in India as indicated by the city. Our trial results show the itemized order pretty much all the ongoing inclining innovations accessible.


Twitter, Apache Spark, Apache Flume, Real-time

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