Constitution of Jammu & Kashmir & Women Rights: Perception on Violation of Women Rights in District Baramulla of J&K

Rouf Ahmad Bhat, Anita Deshpande


The purpose and objective of this study are to explore and examine the provisions under the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) which have direct relevance to the rights, equality, liberty, and justice of women folk in the state. This study makes a detailed analysis of perceptions about the violation of women rights in district Baramulla of J&K. The research participants in this study are categorized into two groups working and non-working women. The nature of this study is exploratory and is largely based on the data collected from primary sources in the field with a well-structured interview schedule. The results indicate that the majority of research participants have witnessed various forms of violences including domestic violence, sexual harassment at the workplace, and discrimination in inheritance rights. The results of this study will be helpful for policymakers in drafting the policies and securing women from various forms of violence’s. This study will also be very helpful for women to get a detailed outlook and awareness of rights contained under the various provisions of the J&K Constitution.


Baramulla, J&K Constitution, Violation, Women Rights

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