The Effect of Managers Strategic Thinking on Opportunity Exploitation

Mehdi Tajpour, Elahe Hosseini, Atefe Moghaddm


In today’s world, successful managers are those who are able to understand and exploit the opportunities in order to adapt to the environmental changes. Understanding an opportunity starts with a phenomenon that stimulates the mind. Many phenomena contain the opportunity but we can’t recognize it because our mind is not sensitive to that. As there has been no general research on managers strategic thinking effect on opportunity exploitation, this study copes with investigating managers strategic thinking effect on opportunity exploitation. The statistical population of the present study includes 150 technical managers of the travel and tourism agencies and companies. According to the Cochran formula, the sample size was achieved and it was 50 people. Among the items related to the managers strategic thinking, the variable of opportunities and threats recognition rate for internal-external environment, and the variable of clients’ opinion importance (within and out of organization) in decision making are the first and second priorities, respectively. Among the items related to the opportunities exploitation variable, studying measure variable and the variable of paying attention to the favourable organizations in order to make decision in management and the effect measure of factors such as the entrepreneur alertness, social networks and personality characteristics on opportunity recognition are the first and the second priorities, respectively.


Strategic Thinking, Opportunity, Opportunity Exploitation

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