Market Orientation and Customer Point of View - In The Case Of Azerbaijan


DOI: 10.19085/journal.sijmas050601


Purpose: The research aimed to  investigate  how  consumers  percept  marketing activities of firms in Azerbaijan, within  the framework of market orientation phenomenon described by Narver and Slater.

 Methodology: 333 questionnaires were gained through convenience sample. Data was analyzed with SPSS 24. Confirmatory factor analysis was first done and then regression analysis.

 Findings: According to the results of research, items relate to MKTOR assembled into two factors: customer orientation and competitor orientation. Only customer orientation have  significant  positive  effect  on  customer  satisfaction  and  customer  trust.

 Originality: The study is important because it is carried out in Azerbaijan, a country which is new in market economy. Although marketing concept is not new phenomenon for western country, for Azerbaijan it is new, as country lived in planned economy till 1991. The results of the research are thought to be beneficial to both the theorists and the practitioners.


Market Orientation, Customer Orientation, Competitor Orientation, Customer Trust, Customer Satisfaction, MKTOR, Azerbaijan

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