Previous Conceptions of Students on Virology and Biotechnology: The Need for the Understanding

Lorena da Graça P. Macena, Nathália Regina P. Vieira, Roberta Pires Corrêa, Izabel Paixão, Helena Carla Castro


Biotechnology is known as the set of processes and techniques that involves the manipulation of living beings, resulting in the production of a series of products useful to humanity. Virology is a science that studies viruses, sub-viral particles and prions and has enjoyed the benefits of biotechnology. However, although there is an increase and improvement in the productivity of goods and services including this area, the harmful potential of the virus is still highlighted, which favors the construction of negative conceptions that may make it difficult to learn subjects related to these beings or about Content in science, such as biotechnology. The theme Biotechnology and virology in high school is addressed, throughout the different series / years, in disciplinary contents that have a direct influence with the students' daily life and that, if well understood, can contribute to the improvement of their quality of life. Considering that students have knowledge prior to formal education and that such conceptions may become obstacles to the acquisition of new knowledge, this work sought to elucidate, through the application of a semi-structured questionnaire, the knowledge that high school students of a school State of São Gonçalo (RJ) have on topics related to biotechnology and virology. The results showed that students use a lot of information acquired in formal education, in the media and in social relations on the subject evaluated. It was evidenced a predominance of previous conceptions and little knowledge about the viruses and the biotechnological context present in our daily life through the use of products and services


Prior Conceptions, Biotechnology and Virology

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